Before you connect Arka Inventory to QuickBooks Online, you have to ensure certain settings are made in your QuickBooks Online account.

Settings for QuickBooks Online India:

Login to your QuickBooks Online account, Go to Company Settings


 Company Settings:

  • Track location must be ON
  • If you are enabling class in Arka Inventory, Class must be ON in QuickBooks as well. To know more on classes refer Class.

 Sales Settings:

  • Shipping must be OFF
  • Total Discount must be OFF
  • Item wise Discount must be ON if you are using Discounts in invoices
  • Show Products/Service Column on Sales forms must be ON
  • Show SKU column must be ON if you are tracking the products by SKU
  • Track Quantity and Price/Rate must be Off
  • Track Inventory Quantity in Hand must be Off.


 Expense Settings:


  • Show items table on expense and purchase forms must be ON

Advanced Settings:


  • Multi Currency must be ON if you have Activated multi currency in Arka Inventory.