1. Selecting an item: While creating a record (like Purchase Order, Sales Order etc), if you are selecting an item like products , supplier, customers , just type few starting letters and then press SPACE key for system to list down all available options (as shown in the image below). Then you can select the item you want to add.

2. Navigating to Main Page from Setup Page and Navigating to Setup Page from Main Page: There are two pages in Arka Inventory which you will need to navigate frequently. Setup Page and Main Page. In the Setup page you will find various organisation setup options in the left hand side. Main page contains all the functionalities like Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Inbounds, Outbounds etc.

When you login for the first time, you will land in Setup page. To navigate to main page from the Setup page click on the dot square (as shown in the image below) on your left hand side top corner and then click on Arka Inventory.

To Navigate to Setup Page from the main Page, in the main page, click on Gear Icon in your right hand side top corner (as shown in the image below) and then click on Setup

3. Switching to Salesforce Classic Mode

Classic mode is another user interface. Some options like recycle bin is available only in classic mode. To switch to classic mode click on toy icon (as shown in the image below) at right hand side top most corner of the screen > Click switch to salesforce classic.

To switch back to lightening page (the one which is used regularly) from the classic, click on 'Switch to lightening experience' option available on on right hand side top.

4. Viewing the records created: When you want to see records (like Purchase Orders, Sales Orders etc) created in Arka Inventory, system will always show only those records which are "Recently Viewed".

To view all the records, change it to "All" from "Recently Viewed" as shown in the image below:

To make 'All Records' as default view, click on the pin icon 'Pin this list view'.