To create a new purchase order, in the main page,  Go To Purchase Order > New

Important fields in the Purchase Order:

Location: Select Location of the transaction. To know more on Location refer Location. You can make this field auto populate based on user logged in. To know more on user - location mapping refer User Location Mapping. Note, the list of locations will appear only when you type first few letters of the location and then press SPACE key.

PO Number: This field is visible only if you have disabled auto numbers for purchase orders. To know more on transaction numbers refer Transaction Numbers.

Supplier: Select supplier. To know how to add a supplier refer Supplier. Note, the list of suppliers will appear only when you type first few letters of the supplier and then press SPACE key.

Ship to Location Address/ Drop ship To customer:If the order is intended to be drop shipped to a customer, you can select drop ship option. 

Adding Product:

a. Search Product by: You can search the product that you want to add it to the purchase order line either by its name or SKU or Product Code. By default search will be set to search by name, you can manually change it to either SKU or product code or you can change the default to any of these methods so that you need not keep changing the search method. 

To change the default search method, Go To Setup > Apps > Packaging > Installed Packages > Click on Configure in Arka Inventory > in General section > Type 'Product Name' or 'Product Code' or 'Product SKU' in Product Selection Method field > Save

b. Product: Type first few letters of the product and press SPACE key to view and select the product. To add a product refer Products.

c. Unit of Measure (UoM): By default this will be Unit of Measure you have specified in the product. You can change the UoM, but before changing the UoM, you should have specified UoM Converter. To know more on UoM converter refer Unit of Measure (UoM) Converter.

d. Quantity: Specify quantity. By default it is 1.

e. Price: If you have set up cost book, Arka Inventory will auto populate the price based on the product and the supplier. To know more on setting up cost book refer Cost Book.

f. Tax: If you have set up tax correctly this field should auto populate. To know more on tax set up refer Setting Up Taxes

If tax is not auto populating, check whether:

   i.   Product Tax family is selected in the Product.

   ii.  Tax location is selected for the Supplier.

   iii. Tax location is selected for the Location.

g. Class: This field will appear only if you have enabled class tracking. To know more on Class tracking refer Class. If you have specified a class for a product, same class will auto populate here.

To add more than 1 line, press sign.

If your order involves any services, you can add it the same way as adding a product but in 'Add service' section.

You can also add other terms and notes.

Default Note: If you wish to add a note with every purchase order by defaultGo To Setup > Apps > Packaging > Installed Packages > Click on Configure in Arka Inventory  > Formats  > add text in the PO Default Note.

PO in PDF format: To download the Purchase Order in PDF format, open the PO and click on preview option available in right hand side corner.