A bill is a invoice sent by your supplier for the goods or services supplied by them.

Important fields in Bill:

1. Location: If the expense relates to a particular location, you can select the location. Location is not a mandatory field in the bill.

2. Bill Type: If the bill is to be paid in future, you have to select the bill type as 'Bill'. If the bill is already paid, you have to select the bill type as 'Expense'. When you select the bill type as expense, you should also add the bank/cash account from which the bill is been paid in the 'Payment Account' field.

3. Payment Type: This field will show up only if the bill type is 'Expense'. You just have to select the type of payment made to the supplier. If none of the options available fit the actual payment method, you can select 'Check'.

4. Supplier: Supplier is a mandatory field in Bill.  When you select a supplier, system will show all the outstanding purchase orders against the supplier which is not yet billed. You just have to select the products or services, you can also adjust the quantity or tax code associated with the product.

You can add services manually as well. 

Allocation of service costs to products: If you wish to allocate any of the service costs like shipping etc to the products, you can tick 'allocate cost to product'. Or you can manually add a product to which service costs have to be allocated. When you are adding product manually, you should not be adding any price to the product.

Approval of Bills: Any records in Arka Inventory can be sent for approval by any of the other users of Arka Inventory within your organisation. To know more on approval processes refer Approvals.

Sync to QuickBooks: If you have connected Arka Inventory to QuickBooks Online, bills are automatically synced to QuickBooks Online as soon as the bill is created. To check whether a bill is synced to QuickBooks or not, Open the Bill and check 'Accounting Sync Status' section. If the status is 'Synced', it means the bill is synced to QuickBooks Online. If there are any errors, status will be 'Error' and accounting message field will show the error. Some times QuickBooks Online may not send any error messages, in such cases accounting message will be empty. The most common causes of errors are:

a. Supplier not yet synced to QuickBooks

b. Products in the bills is not yet synced to QuickBooks

c. Tax code is either not there or default tax code is selected which needs to corrected to the right tax code.

d. For expense type bills, payment account is not selected or the payment account selected is not a bank or cash account.

If you do not wish the bills to auto sync to QuickBooks Online but sync it manually after bills are approved by the managers, Go To Setup > Apps > Packages > Custom Packages  > click Configure for Arka Inventory > Account Integration Setting > Enable manual bill sync to AI .

When a bill is synced to QuickBooks Online, this will show up in Accounts Payable against which you can map payments in QuickBooks Online.