An Assembly is a record of products being built or produced. When you build a new product, you record it through Assemblies.

To create a new assembly, in the main page Go To Assemblies > New

Important fields in Assembly:

Location: Specify the location where the product is being produced. If you have done user location mapping, this field will get auto populated. To more on user location mapping refer User Location Mapping.

Output Product: Specify the product that is being produced.

Quantity: Specify the quantity of output product being produced.

Search Icon: If you have created a Bill of Material for the output product, upon clicking of this search icon, system will populate required quantities of input materials and services to produce the output product. To know more on Bill of Material refer Bill of Material.

Add Input Product: In the 'Add input product' section you can add any products or services consumed for production. For services you have to specify the cost per unit in 'standard cost' field. For products, you can either specify the standard cost or choose to apply average cost. If you select average cost, system will calculate cost per unit based on moving average price of inventory of the product.

When you create an Assembly, the inventory quantities and inventory value of input products will get reduced and inventory quantity of output product will increase. Total inventory value of all the input products are allocated to output product thereby proportionately increasing the inventory value of the output product.

Auto Creation of Assemblies:

Instead of manually creating the Assemblies every time production happens, you can choose to auto create an assembly as soon as a product outbound is recorded in material outbound against the sales.

To enable auto creation of assemblies for a product, create Bill of Material for the product and tick the 'auto create' checkbox in the Bill of Material. To know more on Bill of Material refer Bill of Material.

System will auto create the assemblies only if the product is not available in the inventory.