To create a new Sales Order, in the main page, Go To Sales Order > New

Important fields in Sales Order:

1. Order Location: This is the location from where order is booked. If you have done user location mapping, this field will get auto populated. To know more on user location mapping refer User Location Mapping

2. Fulfilment Location: This is the location from which order is supposed to be fulfilled. It could be same as order location or it could be a different location. 

If you have done user location mapping, this field will also get auto populated. 

3. Price Book: When you select a product, system will auto populate the price of the product based on the price book selected in this field. To know more on price book refer Price Book. If you have mapped price book to locations, price book will get auto populated based on the fulfilment location. To know more on location and price book mapping, refer Location

4. Sales Person: Any of the users can be selected as Sales Person. 

5. PO/Customer reference: The purchase order any other reference number issued by your customer for this order.

6. Adding Products or Services: After you select a customer, you can add products to the Sales Order in add product section.  To select the product, type first few letters of product you want to select and press SPACE key. If the product name is lengthier system may not show the full name, just  hover the curser on the product, the full name of the product will appear.

If you are charging the shipping & handling costs to the customer, you can add shipping & handling in the 'shipping & handling' field in every line.

If you are identifying the product by SKU or product code, you can change the product selection method to Product SKU or Product Code in 'Search Product by' field. To avoid manual selection every time, you can change the default search method: Go to Setup > Apps > Packaging > click on Installed Packages > click on Configure in Arka Inventory > in General section, in Product Selection Method field, add the text 'Product SKU' or 'Product Code' as per your requirement  > then Save

When you select a product, if you have added the product price book, system will auto populate the price of the product. To know more on Price Book refer Price Book.

System should also auto populate the tax applicable on the product if tax setups are correctly made. To know more on Tax setup refer Setting Up Taxes

If you have done tax setup but still tax is not populating, check whether:

a. Tax location is selected for the Customer

b. Tax location is selected for the fulfilment Location

c. Product tax family is selected for the Product.

d. Product tax family has the lines to define the tax applicable for customer tax location (To location) and fulfilment location's tax location (From Location)

Services can be added in add services section the same as you add products.

7. Note: You can add any text as a note to Sales OrderIf you have standard content that you wish to add to every sales order, instead of manually adding it every time, you can add it in custom settings and system will auto populate it for you every time. To add a note in custom settings, Go To Setup > Apps > Packaging > click on Installed Packages > click on Configure in Arka Inventory > go to Formats section Add the text in SO Default Note.

Other Important aspects:

Activating a Sales Order: Once you have added all necessary information to Sales Order, if you are sure the products, prices or any other terms in sales order is not going to change, you can click save & activate button. Once a sales order is activated, it can not be edited. Once you activate a sales order, the order is available for material outbound and will show up in Packing List.

If you expect a change in sales order or the order is not confirmed yet by the customer, you can just save the sales order for now and activate it later after the confirmation by the customer. To activate the sales order, just open the sales order and tick the Activate check box. Sales Orders are available for material outbound only after you activate the order.

Approvals: If the sales order has to be submitted for approval to a senior manager before sending it to the customer, you can submit it for approval by clicking on Submit for Approval button available on right hand side corner. Submit for Approval button will work only if you have setup Approval Processes. To know more on Approval Processes refer Approvals.

PDF: Open the Sales Order and click Preview button available on right hand side corner to convert sales order in to PDF format.

Edit Options for Sales Order:

Once a Sales Order is activated, any fields of the sales order is not editable. However, one can add additional products if required. To add additional products or services, click on 'Add Lines' button available on top.

To edit the product or service lines already added, just click on drop down option available at the end of the each line where in you get option to edit or delete the lines as show in the image below: