Shipments allow you to record details of every shipments made from your warehouse.

To create shipment, follow below steps:

1. Create a material outbound of the product being shipped. If you use barcodes or any unique number for every package, you can scan the package number in material outbound number field while creating the material outbound. To know more on material outbound refer Material Outbound.

2. In the main page, Go To, More > Shipments > New

a. Select the shipping agency, Shipping agency could be your courier agent like Fedex or your delivery vehicle number or delivery agent name etc. You can add shipping agency by clicking on 'Add new' button.

b. Scan or type package number and press SPACE key to select the same. Package number is nothing but material outbound number.

c. Specify the tracking number if any. and SAVE

You can record the delivery or return of your shipments in 'Delivery Challan' option. To know more on delivery challan refer Delivery Challan.